what you will do in the right situation, and what you don’t want to do can help you understand yourself! It also makes it easier to talk about sex with partners.

Want/will/won’t lists can help you find things that you’re both excited to do! That makes it a helpful consent tool.

Making a want/will/won’t list can feel easier than thinking about things at the moment. The lists can also help you know what safer sex tools you need to feel comfortable

you need and focus on the good stuff! What you want, will do, and won’t do can change. That’s okay! Making a new list can help you see how you’re changing.

What does a want/will/won’t list look like?

How do I make a want/will/won’t list?

“Will do” doesn’t mean what you’re willing to do for a partner. It’s about things you want to do in specific situations. Like the rest of a want/will/won’t list, thinking of will-dos can help you understand your wants and limits!