The Girl in the Picture: Is it a true story? Who is Sharon Marshall? All your questions answered

The Girl in the Picture: Is it a true story? Who is Sharon Marshall” is one of the most chilling crime documentaries on Netflix time and the fans are eager to know the answer to what truly befell Sharon Marshall? 

The Girl in the Picture is a crime documentary that has a lot of twisty-turn narratives on Netflix. It is all about the woman found dying on the roadside.  

The Girl in the Picture centers on Tonya Hughes, a lady who abandoned a child and a man professing to be her significant other after her body was found out and about in Oklahoma in the year 1990 

In the year 1989, the couple married during an excursion to New Orleans, and not long after Sharon (or Tonya as she was known by then) gave birth to a little girl who she set up for adoption 

Where could Franklin Floyd currently be? While Franklin has never been persuaded of any wrongdoings encompassing Tonya’s passing, he is as of now waiting for capital punishment in the wake of admitting to shooting and killing Michael subsequent to capturing him in an FBI interview in the year 2015

The image referenced in the show’s title is what at first look gives off an impression of being an ordinary picture of a dad and his little girl. In any case, when you look nearer, you before long understand an image can say 1,000 words