How to Round Wood Edges without a Router: 3 Best Way

Making pieces with wood edges rounded, instead of sharp ones, is more secure for you, your children, and the pets.

A router isn’t the most costly device accessible; getting one is a cost that a significant number of us could manage without.

The hand plane is the best strategy for making round edges without utilizing a router. One can strip away a ton of waste material in a somewhat brief period.

Keep peeling the wood off until you have eliminated the vast majority of the waste wood. Round the device as you plan, since this will smooth the corner, as opposed to leaving it with the two edges.

A chisel will eliminate a great deal of wood yet it isn’t quite as precise as a hand plane. It can give a harsher-looking completion.

Sandpaper cannot be the best or most productive strategy for eliminating wood; however, it will help in smoothing the sharp rounded wood edges down.