How do you say fast in Spanish?

The most incessant interpretation of ‘Fast’ is rápido (articulated RAH-pee-doh). Rápido is utilized as a modifier to demonstrate a person or thing moving at fast.

‘Fast’ can likewise be a verb modifier that signifies ‘rapidly.’ When we use ‘Fast’ as a qualifier in Spanish

‘Fast’ can imply ‘fixed’, when we discuss the shade of garments, for instance. The shade of a texture is Fast when it stays subsequent to washing it


you can utilize ‘Fast’ to allude to an individual of unbridled traditions.


at last, ‘to Fast’ is an action word that implies not eating during a timeframe, whether because of a clinical need, for a strict command or as a political dissent

we say promiscuo (articulated proh-MEES-kwo) or disoluto (dee-soh-LOO-toh). Disoluto has a to some degree more regrettable importance.