10 Games To Play If You Liked Games Like Ghost Of Tsushima

Set in thirteenth-century Japan, a Mongol armada is attacking the island of Tsushima and Jin Sakai is the last samurai to guard his country.

The game has procured many honors and a predominantly certain gathering to turn into a must-play for any Playstation gamer.

A high contrast side-looking over activity game set in the Edo time of Japan, you play as a young fighter who should satisfy his obligation and shield his town from all dangers.

It’s been a long time since Order 66 killed the Jedi Order and the Galactic Empire is currently the decision force of the universe. Cal Kestis is one of the last enduring Jedi who has been stowing away on Bracca as a scrapper.

The arrival of DMC 5: Special Edition in 2020 included Vergil, a long-term most loved character of fans, as a playable person. Presently, a total of four characters, each with a special move set and style, are accessible to slam through crowds of testing devils in trendy style.

Samurai Warriors 5 is a reboot of the hack-and-cut Samurai Series with repolished character plans and new visuals. The story happens in the Sengoku time frame as the Honno-Ji Incident methodologies.