Flint Water crisis charges dropped for 7 former officials

Two former state health officials, who were blamed for Legionnaires’ disease deaths, were among seven individuals implicated in the Flint water scandal

Michigan Supreme Court stated in June that a different judge acting as a one-person grand jury lacked the authority to issue indictments, the dismissal was significant but not entirely unexpected.

Rick Snyder, a former Republican governor, is unaffected by Kelly’s decision. This is only because another judge is handling his case and he was charged with two misdemeanors, including willful neglect of duty.

The Michigan Civil Rights Commission questioned whether the water switch and dismissal of complaints in the majority-Black city would have occurred in a white, prosperous community, and stated that it was the result of systemic racism.

Kelly’s decision was praised by Lyon’s attorneys, who also urged the attorney general’s office to end a “misguided prosecution.”