Amber Heard Doubles Down: ‘Dateline’ Interview takeaways on Johnny Depp Defamation Verdict

Amber Heard said she intends to pursue the court’s choice to grant Depp more than $10 million in penalties and trusted the interview would adjust “extremely genuine feelings of trepidation others [abuse accusers] may have of approaching and standing up

Indeed, even Guthrie appeared to be mindful of the dangers of having Heard keep on squeezing her case after Depp won his defame contend and was granted more than $10 million. “Are you anxious, as we are here today, about what you can say now?” Guthrie inquired.

Guthrie reminded Amber Heard that no different ladies had approached to blame Depp for actual viciousness, to which Heard answered: “Look what has been going on with me when I approached. OK?”

“Totally. I love him. I adored him throughout my entire existence. Furthermore, I made an honest effort to make a profoundly broken relationship work, and I proved unable,” Amber Heard said.

One of the huge contentions that Heard has sought since she to a great extent lost her slender body of evidence against Depp is that there was proof that would have helped her case that was not introduced to the jury. Heard won one of three criticism arguments she brought against Depp, and he won each of the three cases against her.