Florida man accused of setting fire to hospital

Florida man accused of setting fire to Hospital – After Hillsborough County police said that a Gibsonton man had allegedly planned to set fire to a local hospital as revenge, he was taken into custody.

Deputies discovered that Glenn Schaeffer, 56, left his home wearing camo and possibly with Molotov cocktails or a pipe bomb at 11:41 on Monday night.(Florida man accused of setting fire to hospital)

According to authorities, Schaeffer was found driving near U.S. Highway 41 South, Pennsylvania Avenue, and police attempted to stop him for a felony. However, he refused to get out of his car and fled the officers. The 56-year old man was taken into custody by deputies after they reached his residence near Tangle Branch Lane in Gibsonton.

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According to the sheriff’s report, he was arrested and taken into custody without any incident.

The car was searched by deputies who found Schaeffer with “two firearms,” hundreds of rounds of ammunition, and bottles containing an unknown liquid.(Florida man accused of setting fire to hospital)

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office bomb squad responded to the scene to examine the bottles and liquid. The sheriff’s report states that detectives concluded that the liquid didn’t ignite and no crime was committed. The agency stated that Schaeffer admitted to detectives that he was upset and had planned to ignite the liquid at St. Joseph’s Hospital South.

Florida man accused of setting fire to hospital

In a news release, the sheriff’s office stated that the guns were meant for hospital security guards as well as anyone else who could pose a threat to him. He wanted to attract the FBI’s attention.(Florida man accused of setting fire to hospital)

Following Schaeffer’s arrest, St. Joseph’s Hospital South released a statement.

“St. Joseph’s Hospital South is grateful to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, for their quick response to this situation. Safety is our top priority. The actions of the deputies ensured that our team and all those we serve had a peaceful night.

Chronister stated in a statement, that Schaeffer’s “threatening behavior” was reported by a family member.

Records show Schaeffer is facing two charges: felony fleeing and possessing a destructive device with the intent to cause harm. His bond is $9,500. (Florida man accused of setting fire to hospital)


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