Customized game controllers: Are They Worth It?

Customized game controllers – Microsoft and Sony’s controllers are fairly standardised, and buying extras is typically inexpensive. Nevertheless, models from both firms let users to add additional inputs and swap out joysticks. These cost a lot more money as well. So let’s look at why you would want one before you fork over the cash.

The DualSense Edge controller from Sony for the PlayStation 5 and the Elite Controller Series 2 from Microsoft for the Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One are the two controllers we’re comparing here. We’ll compare them since they both provide features geared at improving your gameplay and have a lot in common.

Customized game controllers

There is, however, one significant distinction between the two: The DualSense Edge controller is available from Sony in a $200 bundle that also includes extra paddles and thumbsticks. Microsoft sells a comparable bundle for $180, although the basic kit is also available for $130. Although the whole bundle is the sole option for PlayStation owners, third parties do offer the other parts, and theoretically you could even 3D print your own.

Switchable joysticks provide individualised control.

The flexibility to replace specific joysticks is one of these controllers’ most helpful features. You may have noticed that Customized game controllers using standard controllers makes it difficult to achieve fine-grained aim. In order to make up for this, many console games that need for precise targeting provide some kind of aim assistance. Yet, there are methods for manually improving aim.

The conventional joysticks on both controllers can be replaced with taller ones. Even while it might not seem important, it’s not only for comfort. Your thumb will be farther away from the joystick module’s centre if the stick is taller. This results in a higher margin of error when aiming for a small target because it takes longer physical movements with your thumb to translate to the same level of movement. Also, both of them have a tightness setting that can be changed to add additional resistance and increase precision.

Obviously, this is most helpful for games where accuracy in aiming is essential. Online shooting games like Fortnite and Call of Duty typically rely on you striking your targets before they can attack you. Aim assist can be useful, but it can only go you so far. They can be a tremendous aid if you frequently struggle to even place your crosshairs near your adversaries.

The tops of these control sticks also come in various shapes and textures, which is a slightly more esoteric point. Sticks with rounded or indented tops are available in bundles from Microsoft and Sony, which may affect how tightly your thumbs can grasp the sticks. Although your level of comfort will depend much more on this, it’s wonderful to have the choice.

Faster Responses Due to Trigger Resistance

The PlayStation controller’s L2 and R2 trigger buttons are what Sony refers to as “adaptive triggers,” which let the game know how hard you’re pressing them and may even change the resistance in-game. This results in Customized game controllers some extremely intriguing interactions, such as redrawing a bow or encountering resistance while trying to pry open a package in a game.

The drawback of this function is that there is a good bit of travel time between pushing the button partially and fully. All the sophisticated sensitivity may not matter if you’re playing more competitive games, but being able to press the trigger as rapidly as possible matters. Thus switches are available on both controllers to modify the trigger’s travel distance.

This is particularly useful if you need to quickly press the trigger button. Again, games that include shooting and competition stand to gain the most from this edge. If you’re the type of person who will pay money to get a slight advantage over your pals, it can also be helpful in hectic party games like Overcooked.

Personalized Button Layouts Tailor Games to Your Requirements

Customizing your inputs to your preferences is one of the finest benefits you can receive, as everyone who has ever played games on a Computer with gaming peripherals knows. Both of these controllers allow you to remap some or all of the buttons, which is a type of personalization that is typically not possible on consoles.

The Xbox version is the most feature-rich since it lets you modify any button’s inputs. Toggle between the Y and X buttons? or assign the A button the appropriate trigger function? You can do this and save up to three unique profiles that you can switch between instantly.

On the back of both controllers, additional paddles can be installed. (The PlayStation controller can accommodate two of these paddles, whilst the Xbox version can accommodate four.) They are intended to be used by the fingers, such as your ring fingers, that you ordinarily don’t use while playing. These paddles can be assigned to whatever buttons you like.

They may not provide you with the same broad Customized game controllers advantages as other features, but they may be useful if you prefer a different layout than what the games provide. These can be used to relocate some buttons from one side of the controller to the other as an accessibility aid.

How You Use It Matters

Overall, these controllers provide a tonne of comfort and customizability that you may not be accustomed to with normal controllers. Additionally, they occasionally do provide observable competitive benefits. What types of games you play, how frequently you play them, and how much effort you’re willing to put into perfecting your play style will determine whether that’s worth the extra cost.

Both controllers are well-made and have a solid feel to them. However keep in mind that these are upgraded controllers that have themselves benefited from more than 20 years of improvement. It’s challenging to Customized game controllers make the case that you can outperform the typical controllers, especially given their two to three times higher price. But, if you decide to invest in the deluxe bundle, they provide excellent value.


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